Rivièra Maison offers education and training to store staff and head office employees.

For the employees of our Rivièra Maison Stores we have established an RM academy, where every starting employee receives a two day sales training. In addition to the sales steps in a sales conversation, which are practiced through role plays, the core values, mission, vision and product knowledge are discussed in detail. In addition to the basic training, a Next level training is given in order to give the skills even more depth and to enable our staff to provide our customers with full services in our stores. 

Our unique accessories and furniture require a certain amount of knowledge. Twice a year Rivièra Maison launches a new collection and all store employees receive extensive product training. The training covers all materials and highlights the USP's of our furniture series as well as a lot of emphasis on storytelling. With the collection changes, it is important that the knowledge is continuously updated. 

For Rivièra Maison, it is of great importance that employees are able to perform their job to great satisfaction. We ensure that all employees receive the proper guidance and training they need to be able to perform their job optimally. 

Managers and employees at our head office often receive customized training. In addition to safety training, such as BHV, many training courses are offered. For managers you have to think of various interview techniques, conducting performance interviews, but also specific sales trainings for account managers, sales support department, etc. 

So, plenty of opportunities to develop within our beautiful organization!